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AX84 Terms of Use - March, 2008


* AX84 is a registered trademark of Doberman Music Products, LLC. You may not use the AX84 trademark (i.e. brand name) or project names to sell *anything* without the express permission of Doberman Music Products, LLC, regardless of whether or not you intend to make a profit.

* You may use logical *designs* (i.e. the conceptual grouping of components) for any purpose you choose including selling products.

* You may NOT reproduce or transmit AX84 schematics or materials for any purpose whatsoever without the express permission of Doberman Music Products, LLC. or the copyright holder of the documents (Cliff Chappell, Chris Hurley, and in some cases others). You may print copies for your personal use, but please refer people to for copies of the materials.

* Instead of using the AX84 name on your physical build, please feel free to make up your own name and display it proudly. We make the information available, but you're building the amp. Give it some personality!


AX84 was created to make information freely available to individuals who want to learn how to build tube guitar amps. We've been very successful at this based on the great participation from wonderful people from around the world.

It is our intent that all of the designs on this website are free to be used by anyone for any personal purpose. Many people enjoy amp building as a hobby, but lots of people have taken what they've learned at AX84 and used it to build small businesses where they sell products based (to some degree) on what they've learned here.

Generally speaking, we would discourage anyone from planning to take designs here and use them in a commercial enterprise. You generally may not take the layouts and use them for commercial purposes without a license agreement, but certainly you are welcome to take the concepts that you learn and apply them in a commercial capacity. We'd encourage you to give back to the community in whatever way you felt compelled (good modifications, suggestions, etc...)

We recognize that AX84 is successful because of the community and we certainly don't want to do anything that will prevent people from talking about AX84, linking their homebrew pages back to AX84, etc... That's what makes AX84 what it is!

Unfortunately, there seems to be some confusion about where the line is drawn regarding use of the "AX84" NAME. We will now clarify:

AX84 is a registered trademark of Doberman Music Products, LLC. We do not allow the unauthorized use of the name "AX84" to sell any products of any kind.

You are welcome to use the logical designs for any purpose you chose, but not the names

AX84 schematics and other documentation are copyrighted works which are offered for your personal use, but not licensed for commercial use or non-personal reproduction or transmission of any kind.

If you are building projects for yourself, please do not label them using AX84 names. Make up your own creative name! If someone asks how you built it- tell them you learned how to build on

If you are building a business and would like to set up a licensing arrangement (as some have done), please contact Doberman to make arrangements. We will soon have a page that lists what entities have arrangements in place because visitors to AX84 who want to buy products will undoubtably want to make sure they are buying from entities that support AX84. However, we HIGHLY recommend that you don't plan to base a business around the AX84-related NAMES because we will not be widely licensing them. Simply use your own creative names and everyone is happy.

Link anywhere you want EXCEPT in the context of products you are selling.

AX84® is a registered trademark of Doberman Music Products, LLC. AX84.COM content may not be reproduced without the express written consent of Doberman Music Products, LLC (
For information about using the AX84® trademark, project names and designs, click here
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