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Radiotron Designers Handbook (4th Edition)

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   The 1952 Radiotron Designers Handbook (4th edition) is considered the authority for tube buffs and designers. The following is as far as I know complete. If there are omissions, please let me know or send them to me so I can add it here.

This would not be possible without the efforts of Tim Williams and Choky, so a big round of applause to them :-)

***** People have been emailing me questioning the legitamacy of this copy and that it may be in violation of copyright - let me try and answer:

- Source of this copy: I have no idea. It was sent to me in pieces by different people.

- Does it violate copyright law? No. The copyright is 1953 and copyright in Canada lasts for 50 years. That was up in 2003. If someone *had* bought the copyright before then and renewed it, it did not show up on a copyright search I did *before* I added these files here.

- If someone did renew and owns the copyright and wants me to take it down: Email me your *proof of copyright ownership* and I will. Please *ask* me, no threats or intimidation.

The book is in PDF format, so you'll need Xpdf (many platforms) or Acrobat Reader (many platforms).

PLEASE: Right/Long-click and "Save As..." for future reference.
Please do not try to "hack and leech" the files at a faster rate, as I'll permanently remove them from this site. Thanks.

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