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AX84 offers a variety of music electronics projects which are freely downloadable to anyone. The designs themselves have various restrictions on non-personal use. Please read our terms and conditions.

Not sure what to build? Read this!

Classic AX84 Amp Projects The classic mainstream AX84 projects which feature the widest testing and documentation.

Beginners start here, but this section also has intermediate and advanced projects.
Core Series Component Amp Projects Component projects are mix and match designs for preamps and poweramps. They are not intended for people with very limited or no amp building experience.

Core Preamps are designed to match up with any Core Poweramp. Project difficulty ranges from intermediate to advanced.
Effects Projects Standalone effects projects are intended to be simpler and faster than full amps, but are fun in their own right.
Associate Projects Hosted projects which have been graciously contributed, but that may have differing usage restrictions from Classic AX84 Projects. Generally for your personal use only, but if you aren't sure, ask before you build.
Archived Projects Deprecated projects which are not recommended for new builds for one reason or another. Preserved here for reference.
General Homebrew Projects
User contributed projects under developement.

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