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AX84 Lead II Tube Guitar Amplifier Projects

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The Lead II series of amp projects are designed to give you more gain, and distortion than either the HO or SEL.  Originally, the idea was for just one design, but several of the participants in the original project took the semi-final design and applied their own tuning ideas to it.  The result was three different amps that have thier own unique voices and character.

Skill Level: ADVANCED --- Status: Ready to Build.

NOTE:  New builders should NOT attempt these projects as a first build.  All of these amp designs are VERY sensitive to layout and lead-dress.  If you don't have several builds under your belt prior to attempting one of the projects, you are NOT likely to succeed without extensive debugging, if at all.  You have been warned.

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AX84 Lead II Design

This is the preamp design that the members came up with before striking out on thier own.  There are some very interesting ideas in this preamp, particularly the first two stages and the unique tone stack.  Mainly this is here for reference.

AX84 Lead II Preamp 08.11.05 Preamp Schematic For The AX84 Lead II version 08.11.05
Lead II Tone Stack
This is a great document explaining the unique tone stack in this preamp.

Lead II - by Brian Schmittling

Project description goes here...

Brian Schmittling's Lead II Page

Lead II - by John Hynes

Project description goes here...

John Hynes' Lead II Page

Lead II - by MasonAtom

Project description goes here...

MasonAtom's Lead II Page

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