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Category Subject/Title Link
Parts (buying)    
  Parts suppliers & information on wire gauge & switches
Parts use    
  Jacks (Shorting vs. Non-Shorting)
  General Capacitors Info
  Shielded Wire Use
  Types of Capacitors & Use

Wire procurement/gauge/silver plating
  Discussion on how to finish wood
  Gain stage theory on voltage/bias
  Amp classes explained
  Unloaded Output Transformer Questions
  Blue Glow in Tubes
  BIAS Adjustment
  Fixing noisy pots
  Running a 9v fan on 6.3VDC + Schematic
  Components information
  Amp debugging FAQ
  Good links for Marshall lovers
  Indigo/Blue Glow
  Book suggestions
  Book suggestions
  Google books excerpts
  Breaking in new speakers

Using different tubes with HO + impedance

Jalapeño Tone Stack file

Discussion on reverb + schematic

More distortion in an HO

Firezog schematic (Line out mod for Firefly)

Firezog schematic (Line out mod for Firefly)

Lots of newbie questions answered

Wall voltage discussion – suggested FAQ entry

Adding output power (watts)

A joke for the FAQ!

Discussion on FAQ/Wiki/Search

Tips for a noise free amp

Modeling Software

Schematic Software discussion (xcircuit, TinyCAD, etc...)
To add to FAQ    
  Explain how to make links in posts.  
  Explain how to share pictures/wav files/etc...  

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