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The Renegage seeks to address the needs of a gigging guitarist where multiple tones are required during the course of an evening. Channel switching, a hot preamp and an effects loop are present to provide for a variety of tones


  • Footswitchable Channels
  • Channel 'A' offers a warm f*ndery clean tone with independant tone controls
  • Channel 'B' features the Hi-Octane Preamp for a variety of lead tones
  • Effects Loop
  • DC-powered Filaments for reduced noise
  • Push-Pull Class AB1 EL34 Power Amp

  • Project Coordinator: Anthony Noel --- Skill Level: Experienced --- Status: Successfully Prototyped.
    Primary Documents:
    •ADOBE ACROBAT DOCUMENT: 10/17/2001 Update to the Renegade Schematic. NOTE: R32 should be 4.7k, not 47k : [download]

    •IMAGE: Anthony's Renegade Guts : [download]
    •IMAGE: Anthony's Renegade rig : [download]
    •MPEG AUDIO: Anthony's Renegade: Clean Channel : [download]
    •MPEG AUDIO: Anthony's Renegade: Clean Channel can get a little dirty too : [download]
    •MPEG AUDIO: Anthony's Renegade: Dirty Channel : [download]
    •MPEG AUDIO: Anthony's Renegade: Dirty Channel (layered recording) : [download]

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