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General Homebrew Projects

General Homebrew Projects


Hosted projects which have been graciously contributed, but that are likely to still be under developement and may have differing usage restrictions from Classic AX84 Projects. Generally for your personal use only, but if you aren't sure, ask before you build. Please read our terms and conditions.

NOTE: These projects are contributed by their designers for use by members of the AX84 community. Complete documentation, such as layouts and drill guides, may not be available or may have been withheld by the designers for any of several reasons. In some cases, such documentation may be provided with the purchase of a kit or a complete amp from the designers. Please respect the project owner's wishes and employ these project documents "as-is" for your personal use. If you need a complete set of documentation, these projects may not be for you.

AX84 community members may submit schematics, or even full sets of plans for inclusion on this page.  If you do choose to submit something, please provide us with a standard JPEG or PDF file as those types are the ones that other members are most likely to be able to view.  Please email your submissions, with a short description of it, to

The designs below are listed in decending order with the most recently submitted, or updated plans first.

Guitar Amplifier Projects


Other Projects


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