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DIY Tube (Valve) Guitar Amp Kits and Parts

Thank you for your interest in Doberman Amps kits and parts

Although we no longer maintain a fancy shopping cart, we continue to offer a few kits and parts to customers in the USA on a limited basis

Kits are just a collection of parts to build an amp. We currently have parts for the P1 and Hi-Octane projects. There are no formal instructions but diagrams and build guidelines are available (for free) here at AX84 for your review. Check them out!

Kits include everything you need to build a working amplifier EXCEPT wire, solder and external things like a guitar, speaker, cables, wood box. The parts we sell are the same I use when I build an amp. I don't like cheap garbage but I also don't like paying extra for unicorn breath. Bang for the buck is what we're after.

P1 Kit is $259, Hi-Octane is $279. Shipping is between $25 and $50 depending on your location.

We now have the prepunched chassis upgrade again for $65. These have all the major holes CNC-cut with pilot holes for additional pots or switches if you decide you need them in the future. If you just want a chassis with no kit, they are $100.

If you're interested in discussing a kit, contact me using the link to your left.

Thanks to all of our customers over the years. -Chris

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