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'general layout questions'
Author:Denny Gracey (registered user: 167 posts )
Date: Tue, Jan 10th, 2017 @ 21:29 ( . )

A few layout questions which would be most helpful if answered - numbered for convenient responses :)
1) My pre-amp tubes are mounted 1.2 inches from front panel. Volume pot case is less than an inch from input tube. Input jack 1.5 inches away from input stage tube. All other high-gain builds Ive seen have tubes mounted toward center of chassis. Does proximity of tubes potentially interfere with jack or 1M pot, particularly with high gain stages using 330K plate loads?
2) In a gothic ring layout with all grounds and HV on the same side, does it make any difference which lugs the additional grounds (e.g. pots, grid leaks) are connected to (e.g. pot ground to next stage grid leak?)
3) To which star node should the tone stack ground connect last pre-amp stage node or power amp filter node?
4) I added a 12V DC heater supply (voltage doubler circuit with big 10mf caps) after the initial build. Only space I had was about 3 from pre-amp section. Could this cause any signal interference issues?
5) Im using bus star ground scheme. First node is C2 (first filter cap), daisy chained to pre-amp filter cap nodes, grounded to chassis near input jack. Are there any considerations for wire layout of the daisy chain wire? E.g. mine runs underneath the OT secondaries.


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