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'Bias Therory?'
Author:mcneb (registered user: 43 posts )
Date: Sun, Mar 19th, 2017 @ 11:41 ( . )

I do not want to build any more KITS, do not want to clone or just copy. It's been done, so just assemble the circuit as it's laid out and know it works, not what I want to do. I want to understand some of this a bit more. Now, I have come across a part of the circuit that I may not understand. The Bias of the output tubes in a push pull setup. We create another circuit to give a negative voltage to use for the bias. Is this circuit just to, “lower the floor of our ground” so to speak. Does this circuit give us a larger differential than using chassis ground or “the zero floor” . Using some numbers for example, let's say we have +200v on the plate of the Pi, the bias is at –20v, have we just lowered the floor giving us a differential of 220v is that what we have done there? Forgive me if this obvious, but I'm thinking of a voltage regulator to use in this setup using Zener diodes, and it did not make sense when I was looking at it for this purpose. I have a understanding of the differential of the grid voltage to cathode for the bias of the tubes. Where we want the tube to be in it’s operational swing. If we have created a lower floor to use, why is it or why not use it for the preamp tubes also?.

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