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'Watchmaster to Guitar Amp '
Author:Danny Knapp (registered user: 5 posts )
Date: Sat, Mar 18th, 2017 @ 18:34 ( . )


I'm a newb to tube amps, I stumbled across Uncle Doug's youtube channel looking for tolexing cabinet tutorials. He was such a great teacher I kept watching his amp vids and started reading and found this forum.

I've been looking for something to get my hands on with some tubes, I even thought about hacking up an organ ! But then I watched these two videos by Guitologist.


and it gave me the idea that old watch timers have tubes.

So I went on eBay and found a Watchmaster G-11, took a chance on it after I found a schematic. It's a pretty neat machine, I think the chassis will serve as an amp head without much work, the sockets look in good shape. I will have to test the tubes and figure out if I can use the power transformers it came with.

I'll post up a video of it later, but the tubes it comes with is

2 - 6SJ7
1 - 2050
2 - 6SN7
1 - OD3 (VR-150)
1 - 6L6GB
1 - 5V4GA

It also has two toggle switches, a light with red jewel, one pot with cool knob, and a headphone jack mounted on a control panel.

My goal is to create a new circuit for a guitar amp using the tubes, transformers, similar filter cap. I'll have to add a speaker jack and probably a few pots.

So the 6L6GB for power tube, 5V4GA rectifier, 2 - 6SN7 preamp (if possible, or substitute 6SL7), I would like to incorporate the OD3 to supply voltage to preamp plates, at least try it.

I should probably quit there, but tempted to do something with the 2050. Saw one article how to make a zener regulator with it to make 12V, maybe I can do 6 ?

I don't have any plan for the 2 - 6SJ7 spots, IDK I guess I could try to make a tremolo or something.

Anyways, I'm in way over my head which is usually my learning style anyways. I give myself about a 50/50 chance of burning or blowing something up, but I'm learning a lot and having fun so far.

I'm open to suggestion, still in brainstorming mode so please share any ideas you might have. thanks !

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