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'load lines for dissimilar output tubes?'
Author:CChurchill (registered user: 163 posts )
Date: Fri, Mar 17th, 2017 @ 14:17 ( . )

Okay, yes, I see what you were saying.
I still think your problem would be with instability, even if not necessarily damage, I haven't tested it, so I really dont know.
I guess my questions would be, first, are you trying to match up the point within the curves so that both types of tubes begin to transition, basically, into class B?
If so, would it be equally as important to have both types of tubes enter cut off as well as grid clamping? 6V6s and 6L6s have very different and put sensitivities, so I think it would be difficult to maintain load balance using the same primary.
But it's an interesting challenge, and I love the idea of seeing if different parallel output tubes. So let's try and make it happen

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--* load lines for dissimilar output tubes?
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