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'Help with BOM for Hi-Octane'
Author:llama (registered user: 88 posts )
Date: Mon, Mar 19th, 2012 @ 11:36 ( . )

Thanks for all your help.

In addition to the stock (recommended) components from what Doberman would sell as part of the HO kit. I'd like to order other non stock items as well, to effect the sound of the amp to give it a more vintage/old blues style voicing - something a bit loser sounding and maybe more "guttural" if that is proper description. I was told be an amp tech that the HO will sound like a 80-90's Marshall , and to ask you experts on exactly what you would recommend.

I'd like to order everything at the same time, build the amp as designed, and than when, its all working perhaps make it mine.

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--* Help with BOM for Hi-Octane
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