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'Help with BOM for Hi-Octane'
Author:llama (registered user: 88 posts )
Date: Fri, Mar 16th, 2012 @ 11:32 ( . )


Looks like I'm the NewB of the week, perhaps longer. (I've reposted the following from my last post to the wrong area (Sorry)

I have already acquired (for free) the "expensive" components available in Chris's kits. I just need the Resistors, Capacitors, and Pots. I have the rest for the 5 watt High Octane amp.

However Chris @ Doberman is busy and does not have the time to separate out what i need vs, what I have.

Can anyone here provide me with the types (ex. Electrolytic vs Metal foil vs Carbon comp vs, wirewound) and manufacturers for each component of the HO kit? Maybe someone has it all on a spreadsheet already...

I will actually build the P1 on my way to the HO - so I am buying all of what I'll need for the HO.

I'm not sufficient in knowing what kind of resistor/cap sounds best in which functional areas, and want things to go smoothly and sound nice.

Thank you in advance,


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