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'20w pp. Sparks in tube.'
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On 03/13/2012 @ 16:09, brotor norway wrote :
Using a fender deluxe OT for 6v6 push/pull. The colors match the layout, but do I have to switch the secondary around, mabe

Ahh, the bad news...
If you are using a PT other than the spec'd Hammond, the colors scheme could well be different.

The good news...
The colors Hammond uses aren't universal but they are common, so you may still be okay here.

This amp is fixed bias. Getting the bias circuit wrong is not unusual for beginners. Usually the sparks will fly at C7 and C8, but I guess much is possible.

Make sure the voltage at V- is truly negative. That's VERY important. Also, make sure C9 and C10 are blocking the DC component of the previous stage (PI). IIRC, with no signal input, both the AC and DC voltage where these junction with R18 and R19 should be very low.

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