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Welcome to AX84® the base camp for tube (valve) electronics hobbyists.

AX84 exists to provide:

1) A great environment to learn about music-related electronics in general. AX84 is a place where those with experience are interested in helping diligent beginners who are willing to do their homework.

2) A place where those with more experience can field their ideas to peers and get useful feedback.

3) An environment that respects the past, but is not enslaved by it. INNOVATION IS GOOD (and it didn't die in the 1950s.) There are new things under the sun every day. Move the ball forward!

Our HUGE discussion area is under 'Discussion Forum' to your left.

We are hard at work improving the site- check back often!

Recent Forum Threads
"Ampcalc Utility Web App"
Posted By Crolex on 11/30/2015
I would like to share a project of mine with this group that I have let go a bit dormant. if y’all like it, perhaps I can pick it back up and keep going with new features/fixes. It is a visual amplifi...

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"preamp into usb via ad converter"
Posted By josoon on 11/30/2015
i am interested to know if anybody tried a tube preamp, with or without tube effects, for recording via an out of date ad convertor ( from sony dat recorder ) using the spdif output. i know there are ...

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"HRD xfmr set"
Posted By prefsnider on 11/30/2015
I have a nice set of these xfrs. I'm thinking about an October Stage build. Can I do the build using diodes vs the 5AR4 with this PT? PT is rated at 388v@200mA and I'll be using KT66's....

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"Ampeg 1976 vt40"
Posted By steve25 on 11/29/2015
I have this late vt40 model on the bench , the one with channel clipping diodes and boy is this power supply layout just a tad convoluted!
Leave it to Magnavox as it was the same with there TVs I hav...

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"Center tapped transformer question"
Posted By Martin Bergheim on 11/28/2015
I have a 190-0-190 PT, and a lot of bridge rectifiers lying around. I've also got a few 1N4007's, but I want to use a bridge rectifier because it doesn't take up valuable turret board space. I've read...

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