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Welcome to AX84® the base camp for tube (valve) electronics hobbyists.

AX84 exists to provide:

1) A great environment to learn about music-related electronics in general. AX84 is a place where those with experience are interested in helping diligent beginners who are willing to do their homework.

2) A place where those with more experience can field their ideas to peers and get useful feedback.

3) An environment that respects the past, but is not enslaved by it. INNOVATION IS GOOD (and it didn't die in the 1950s.) There are new things under the sun every day. Move the ball forward!

Our HUGE discussion area is under 'Discussion Forum' to your left.

We are hard at work improving the site- check back often!

Recent Forum Threads
"Whacky microphonics"
Posted By Denny Gracey on 05/27/2015
I’m struggling with some whacky microphonics/oscillations in my UHG build. The amp worked great for couple weeks. I literally moved the chassis into a headshell I built, only to confirm fit, didn’t ...

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"Ideas for presence controls."
Posted By Alva Goldbook on 05/27/2015
I've been thinking of taking some new approaches to presence controls. What rather bugs me about it is that it almost always is linked to the amount of negative feedback in the amp. For some designs t...

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"Practice amp with I-pod plug in"
Posted By JaapK on 05/27/2015
I have a simple practice amp, something like a Fender Champ: 2 preamp stages and a single ended power amp. I would like to be able to plug in an I-pod and play along with songs.
To make that more ver...

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"Adding a gain stage"
Posted By Sirppi on 05/25/2015
So yesterday I finished building a combination of the EA MV120 preamp stage and the KT88 SE 20W power amp. I'd like to add the unused V1a in the circuit to get more gain out of it, since I have no pha...

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"Introduction + what to build ?!"
Posted By Ryan Boeur on 05/24/2015
Hi all,

This is my first post on ax84. I'm up in Vancouver BC Canada, play "professionally" with Fish & Bird ( and Jenny Ritter ( I suppose that's my main occupa...

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